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3 Reasons To Hire A Tax Attorney In New York City

A tax attorney in New York City can help any person or business facing charges or questioning from the IRS. Charges from the IRS can start as something as simple as a tax audit and escalate very quickly into more serious charges. At some points they can become criminal charges and you can face serious jail time or hefty fines.

One reason to hire a tax attorney in New York City is to let the IRS know that you’re taking their charges seriously. The moment you get word of an audit by the IRS, you should be in contact with a tax attorney. This is far better than just ignoring the situation. Many people ignore the first few contact attempts from the IRS because they are scared, they don’t know what to do, or they hope the situation will just disappear. This is not an intelligent way to handle the situation. When you ignore an audit or contact attempt from the IRS, they are able to create a more solid case against you. By hiring a tax attorney in New York City, you let the IRS know that you aren’t playing around.

Another reason to hire a tax attorney in New York City is that you probably don’t understand all of the intricate complexities of tax law. A tax attorney has spent hundreds of hours studying the law in regards to taxes. They have also helped many real people with their real tax cases, and can use this experience to benefit you in your case. They can use the law to your advantage and lessen the charges that you’re facing. If you hire a tax attorney, you have a much better chance of winning your case and receiving minimal punishment.

In addition to this, a tax attorney in New York City can make sure the IRS will stop contacting you. Being contacted by the IRS is stressful and frightening. By using your lawyer to communicate with the IRS on your behalf, you can alleviate some of this stress. You can make sure all communications between the IRS and yourself are professional and beneficial to you.

It’s also important to hire a New York City tax attorney because they cannot testify against you in a court of law. Attorney client privileges ensure that you are safe to tell your tax attorney everything, and you can still feel safe in knowing that they won’t use that information against you. Your tax attorney can let you know what to do when they know every private detail of your case, and they won’t use any information you provide to testify against you.

Hiring a tax attorney in New York City is an extremely important thing to do if you are facing charges from the IRS. A tax attorney can give you peace of mind with attorney client privileges, prevent any direct contact between you and the IRS, and use their advanced knowledge of the law to your advantage.